All Politics is Local

“Whereas we can’t change much in Washington, but with the right leadership we can do much in Forsyth County to preserve and protect our quality of life”



From writing newspaper editorials to champion conservative causes supporting faith and marketplace solutions to writing a $400k grant for the WS Rescue Mission, or dedicating one year to work as a residential foster parent at Crossnore Children’s Home, Ralf has a heart for the forgotten, and deep respect for fairness and family values on the bedrock of Judeo-Christian principles


  • Education Reform
  • Fiscal Conservative
  • Fund Law Enforcement
  • Low Taxes
  • Support Business
  • Stop Youth Violence/Drugs

Civic Experience

  • Vice-Chairman Forsyth Couny GOP (2023)
  • Forsyth County appointee to WS/FC Emergency Management Advisory Council three year term 2016 – 2018
  • Forsyth GOP Communications Director 2012, 2022
  • Republican Chief Judge, GOP Judge and Observer (various years 2003-2022
  • City Councilor in city of 50,000 (1991-1996)
  • Vice-Chair of Its county Air Pollution Authority

Professional Awards

NC Press Association ‘Public Service Award” (1999) As managing editor of the Daily Southerner of Tarboro, NC, Ralf was cited by his peers for outstanding news coverage of Hurricane Floyd and the 500-year flood. Under his leadership the newsroom had to move to higher ground and missed only one day of publication. As a result, the newspaper played a vital link between Edgecombe County residents and emergency relief services for food, shelter, water, and FEMA assistance.


Ralf and Ashley have been married for 36 years and have two grown daughters living in Washington DC and Los Angeles.


  • Master’s Degree Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Journalism
  • Nonprofit Management Certificate

Career Experience

  • Newspaper reporter and managing editor
  • Public relations media director and writer
  • Development/Grants WS Rescue Mission
  • Direct mail small business owner

A vote for Ralf is a vote for You!

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing” — Sir Edmund Burke

Friends and Neighbors,

Being aware of our surroundings has always been good advice when traveling out of town. Sadly, however, we’re now being advised to do the same here at home–when we pump gas, dine out, go shopping or just walking the dog. Violent crime and drug trafficking is a serious problem in Forsyth County. In 2023 there were 55 homicides and more than 1,000 drug overdoses. Stunningly, the war on law enforcement officers is unprecedented.

In March 2023, a crime of a different nature occurred at Forsyth Technical Community College. The campus “Pride Club” threw a Pride Fest celebration offering free pizza and soft drinks during lunch hour. The advertised entertainment was a professional drag queen show featuring three dancers. Invitations went out to students as young as 14 years old who attend special classes. During the show, a teenage girl was told to sit on a folding chair and close her eyes. One of the dancers approached her and performed a lewd lap dance touching her. She was shocked and embarrassed. Someone recorded it on their cellphone and It went viral, making national and international news. Strangely, the dancer nor the campus Pride Club was held accountable. That’s a serious moral problem.

On March 5, a primary election will be held. Three Republican board members’ terms are expiring in District B. All three incumbents have served for decades. One was elected in 1980, the others in 1994 and 1996. After attending several County Board meetings and witnessing the difficulties that two of them had in understanding the proceedings or articulating the few questions they seldom ask, I felt a responsibility, if not a call to duty, to run for this important office. It’s time for fresh ideas and new leadership on behalf of you–the taxpayer. The county has an annual budget of $569 million. If it were a corporation, it would hire the best and most qualified, and I firmly believe I’m that candidate.

I’ve already made a difference on the County Board and how they run meetings. After attending several sessionas, I noticed their “voice-vote” was difficult to hear. All that could be heard was mumbling from some of the commissioners, followed by the Board Chairman saying, “Motion passes” or “Motion fails.” In my opinion, this wasn’t good enough. We can’t presume that if a commissioner doesn’t say “NO” that in silence it means “YES.” Is it possible the commissioner is “Abstaining” because he or she doesn’t want to go on record concerning a controversial issue?

Forsyth County Government Building

So, during a brief break in the meeting, I approached the county manager and county attorney about the issue. Board Chairman Don Martin joined the conversation and agreed to my suggestion that commissioners needed to raise their hands so everyone can see how they vote. The following week at the next meeting, he instructed the commissioners to raise their hand when voting so everyone could see.

Not afraid to speak up, I bring fresh ideas and leadership to the table. However, Republicans have only a one seat majority on the seven member board. Democrats hope they can flip the Board in the November 2024 General Election. The last thing we want are progressives raising our taxes to pay for bigger government and failed programs.

Together, we can make Forsyth County a safe and prosperous place to live! Please contribute $25 or more to help me be your next Commissioner.

Thank you and may God Bless YOU!

Ralf Walters


  • 5335 Robinhood Village Dr, PMB 170
  • Winston Salem, NC 27106
  • Email:
  • Phone: 336-714-3480